@admin looks like API access is broken. API calls to mastodon.coder.town/api/v1 result in "stream closed (404)"

@libBletchley which call exactly? Just tried a curl on /api/v1/timelines/public and that seemed to work.

@admin i'm not sure. bitlbee says "logging in.." followed by "Error: Stream closed (404 Not Found)" followed by "Signing off.."

So I can't login.

@libBletchley I'll try updating the instance, dno if it'll resolve the issue however.

@libBletchley pinafore.social works for me (I did have to allow it on my uMatrix addon)

@admin pinafore.social works for me too now. But bitlbee still does not. On bitlbee we must manually set the base_url, which I have as `mastodon.coder.town/api/v1'. That works on most instances but I wonder if coder.town is different. Although it's strange that the cookie exchange worked.

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